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Healing Connections

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My Story

Professionally I am a nurse an emerging counsellor, and like you, I have many other roles, and sometimes they can be overwhelming.

I offer my services to help you live a meaningful life. I have a broad range of experiences from critical care nursing to community nursing, working with foster children, incarcerated individuals, and survivors of sexual trauma. As a nurse, I have witnessed the strength, courage, and tenacity of humans in the face of crisis. I have also seen the brokenness and pain from the loss of relationships - that loss of connection results in sadness, a loss of hope and meaning in life. I can help you find your value, your creativity, your zest for life!  I work from a culturally sensitive standpoint and trauma-informed perspective, focused on my clients to identify strengths and support them on their unique path.I invite you to a safe, psychological place where I am here to listen with empathy and compassion. You will be accepted without judgment. Together, we will explore challenges you face, gain new understandings, and develop strategies to empower you to live a life of meaning. 


for further information or to schedule a session:

If you need immediate help, please consider these resources:

Crisis Services Canada: a 24/7 line 1-833-456-4566


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